Give Yourself the Gift of Something Spicy

Visit our Cajun market in Tyler, TX

Maybe you're not hungry right now, but you will be soon! Don't end up staring at an empty pantry-stop by Krazy Cajun Kitchen & Market for all kinds of goodies. Our Cajun market in Tyler, TX sells a large selection of items. You can choose from...

  • Local jams for sale by the jar
  • Krazy pickles that will make your mouth water
  • Take-out food that you'll struggle to save for later

You can bring a piece of the Cajun country lifestyle to your home and snack on something spicy and delicious whenever the mood strikes. Find out more about our current selection when you call 903-787-7520.

We sell more than just food

How will anyone know you're a Krazy Cajun if you don't show it off? Our Cajun market makes it easy to display your Cajun pride with Krazy Cajun Kitchen & Market merchandise. You can also find great gifts like alligator heads that will help put a little swamp in your or your loved one's home.

Stop by today to buy Cajun merchandise or local jam for sale in Tyler, Texas.